The electrical engineering role offers the chance to take a lead on instrumentation and PCB design for our cells. No professional experience required, however some experience designing and building PCBs is highly desirable. Students are welcome and encouraged to apply. 


Sydney, Australia



What You’ll Do

  • The Euroka Power team is working to develop next generation space solar cells. The cell design team has deep experience in material science, and we have a strong mechanical team working to ensure the stability of our cells. We are looking for an electrical engineer to take change of design and manufacturing of electrical systems with assistance from the current electrical lead.

  • This involves collaborating with key stakeholders from inside Euroka Power, as well as launch providers, and potential customers to understand the electrical requirements for our systems and prototyping appropriate solutions

  • Everyone in the team contributes time outside their regular university and work hours to the project, with the hope of turning it into a fully functional business. There is lots to learn, but it is also difficult and requires time commitment

  • Our current design is built in Kicad and utilises an STM32F0 as the central processor. We have lab space at the University of Sydney and access to a range of testing facilities.

Who You are

  • Trying to build anything new is difficult and requires constantly learning, prototyping and trying things. We are looking for someone who can figure things out on their own accord and can identify what are the key steps to executing a plan, learning how to do them and then executing.

  • You have some electrical engineering experience or education. We need someone that can look at a datasheet and know what is going on. 

  • You are organised and ruthlessly efficient. Time is never on your side when building LEO payloads, and this role is not a full time role. We need you to be able to work very efficiently to produce solutions that work without overengineering

  • This role is unpaid. No one on the team is paid. You will be motivated by having the freedom to work on your own time and contribute to real innovation. Future opportunities may arise. 

  • By joining the team at this early stage, there will be future equity stakes offered at the point of incorporation.