Developing next generation solar cells for space applications


We're creating ultra low cost, next generation, space grade solar cells

Given extra-terrestrial environments are too harsh for regular silicon-based solar cells, everyone producing space hardware is beholden to high cost, bespoke power systems based on multi-junction III-V solar systems

Perovskite solar cells offer an alternative, low cost, high efficiency solution. Our world first experiment will prove their efficacy and pave the way for increased accessibility to space.

We have a talented team with backgrounds in physics, engineering and materials science working to create and test a low cost perovskite based space photovoltaic system



The past decade has seen rapid growth in satellites going to space every year. This trend will continue projecting 42,000 satellites to be launched requiring ~1.3 million m^2 of solar cells. The high cost of current generation of III-V cells will become a limiting factor. Could perovskites be the engine room for satisfying the energy needs in space?


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Manufacturing perovskite cells costs orders of magnitude less than the current generation III-V triple junction cells. Whilst achieving 30% efficiency under AMO conditions is no easy feat, perovskite-perovskite tandem cells or triple junction perovskite cells offer exciting potential.

The usual issues moisture stability and lead content will not play as big of a role as it does for terrestrial applications of perovskites. Perovskites have also been shown to have better resistance to high energy electrons and protons. 


We’re looking for talented people to join the team. If you want to build something truly new, come and join us